Burns & Wilcox

Burns & Wilcox

Burns & Wilcox provides wholesale insurance coverage solutions to retail agents by connecting those agents to insurance carriers. And they do a lot of connecting. No one provides more independent wholesale personal, commercial and professional insurance solutions than Burns & Wilcox. With over one hundred thousand insurance agents in the U.S. alone, Burns & Wilcox needs to be top-of-mind with all of them because competition is steep in the wholesale insurance world.

Over the years, Real Integrated has helped grow Burns & Wilcox from a national company to an international powerhouse brand. This was achieved by employing a true multi-media approach that made agents aware that Burns & Wilcox is not only broad in the quantity and diversity of insurance coverage they provide, but also deep in knowledge, access and experience.

RI utilized a strategic interdisciplinary, multi-media approach to help drive consistent awareness and sales. A key insight related to the media habits of agents, who on average skew older than the general population and lean more toward the traditional. Additionally, the dwindling use of mail means less competitive clutter. This insight led to a test of a high-impact direct mail program in two California markets.

The results were significant and measurable and based on that success, a national high-impact direct mail campaign was implemented. This campaign generated highly positive incremental sales-per-dollar-spent results – two to seven times incremental sales-per-dollar spent.

Real Integrated’s recommendation to use a combination of unique, high-impact mail has ensured that Burns & Wilcox will continue to stand out from the competition as an innovative leader in the industry.

  • Branding

    Burns & Wilcox, a leading international insurance wholesaler, offers over 300 different products to its broker and agent clients. The challenge is that most brokers and agents specialize in certain areas and are often unaware of the vast breadth and depth of Burns & Wilcox products. Despite a strong commitment to industry-leading marketing, it is impossible to efficiently advertise each of those product offerings to the tens of thousands of brokers and agents. But it is critical that brokers and agents understand the scope of offering Burns & Wilcox provides

    The solution Real Integrated developed is a two-tiered campaign that has a product-focused element and a separate brand-focused element. In the first tier, a specific product is featured and the product advertised rotates every few months so that over time, brokers and agents get exposed to the breadth of product offerings.

    The second tier is the brand advertising, which focuses on the bigger picture by communicating Burns & Wilcox’s overall attributes including its expertise, speed and access to coverage solutions. The campaign, titled Middle Name, leverages the name Burns & Wilcox, by inserting a brand attribute between the name Burns and the name Wilcox. The simple and unique look of the campaign stands out dramatically among the clutter of boring trade insurance ads.

    Together, the product and brand advertising have produced remarkable results. The product campaign generates directly measurable results that range anywhere from a 2x to 7x ROI. The brand campaign helps Burns & Wilcox outpace the competition with continued market share gains. The two complimentary campaigns clearly communicate the depth and breadth of coverages Burns & Wilcox provides.

  • Direct Mail

    Everything old is new again. Burns & Wilcox, a leading international insurance wholesaler, is on the cutting edge of marketing in the wholesale insurance industry with integrated digital campaigns. Yet, the impact of its traditional direct mail campaign is undeniable.

    The marketing campaign implemented by Real Integrated for Burns & Wilcox was helping them grow at a pace ahead of the competition, but the competition of the market means no one can rest on their laurels. That is why Real Integrated proposed a direct mail test. Clients and potential clients from four of Burns & Wilcox’s 50+ offices were targeted with varied direct mail pieces over a four month period. Results from the targeted offices versus the control group were measured and the data was impressive. The targeted products in the targeted offices outsold the control fourfold.

    The dramatic results continue as we have implemented dozens of campaigns utilizing postcards, letters, oversized envelopes, and high-impact mailings. Each drop is measured against a control to ensure effectiveness. Results are measured for each drop. Learnings are applied to subsequent drops to optimize impact. We see no end to the direct mail campaign since it more than pays for itself in measurable, incremental sales. And we see no end to the testing in order to ensure Burns & Wilcox continues to lead the industry.

  • Jimmy Walker Ryder Cup eBlast
    Jimmy Walker PGA Win 2016 Ad
    PGA Open Jimy Walker Slider

    Jimmy Walker

    What makes RI client Burns & Wilcox the leading wholesaler for specialty insurance? The same qualities that make pro golfer Jimmy Walker the 2016 PGA Champion. So it only made sense that the two would come together for a 360° marketing campaign created by RI.

    By drawing parallels between the speed, expertise and independence of Burns & Wilcox to Walker’s golf game, we struck a chord with a target audience whose golf season never ends. The response to our e-blasts, direct mail, social media posts, print ads and Telly Award-winning videos have been phenomenal. While lowering handicaps, we’ve raised the branding game for yet another industry-leading, RI client.