Goodman Acker

Goodman Acker

Goodman Acker is a law firm that came to Real Integrated with a challenge: Standing out in Detroit’s single most oversaturated market – Personal Injury. With established firms throwing millions of dollars into their advertising, we’d need to get clever to distance Goodman Acker from the rest of the noise filling TV screens. Our solution: Get Real.

“With Real Integrated we get calls for cases that we simply wouldn’t two years ago, and, despite nearly $40 million being thrown into the PI advertising marketplace in Detroit, we’re growing consistently quarter after quarter.”

Through real client testimonials and a 1-800-TRUSTED number that served as the lynchpin for our campaign, we brought out the human element in our lawyers and positioned them as people who truly cared about clients’ well-being rather than lawyers who simply wanted to boost their egos and fill their pockets.

Through emotional content and a smart media strategy involving constant monitoring of advanced analytics reports and refreshing of creative, we delivered incredible results. The verdict: Goodman Acker became known as the law firm you can trust in metro-Detroit.

  • TV

    For our 1-800-TRUSTED broadcast campaign, Real Integrated performed several one-day shoots with Jerry Acker and clients of the firm that allowed us to grab enough repurposable content to produce 20+ spots that we rotated in throughout the year.

    This allowed us to adapt quickly in the highly competitive market and refresh creative at the drop of a hat. We also put a strong emphasis on being as topical as possible. In one instance, we shot Jerry Acker and Barry Goodman on the basketball court for a spot that ran during the pro basketball finals to great success.

  • Outdoor

    Billboards of PI attorneys in the Metro-Detroit are so ubiquitous they end up being completely ignored. We wanted to go a different direction with our outdoor advertising. To do so we created transit ads like the one to the left. The result was a cost-effective solution that reached a larger portion of our target market than a more traditional approach would have.