2024 Content Marketing Forecast

What do we see in the year ahead? It is an increasingly noisy world – which brings great opportunity for brands who embrace ways to connect through real conversations.

The Big Shift

Short-form video content is taking over. By 2024, it’s looking like it’ll rule over all the big social platforms. And keep your eyes peeled—new platforms might pop up and attract even more users than the old guard. Expect the unexpected as the social media landscape evolves. What we now call ‘social media’ is quickly morphing into just ‘media.’ Giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Threads are gearing up to act more like YouTube and TikTok, focusing on distributing media. LinkedIn is a bit of an outlier here, though. However even it is changing lanes to become a hub for business-focused content, moving away from its social networking roots.

The Power of AI

Starting with some bright spots: AI has the potential to revolutionize how we forge connections. It’s all about bringing AI into the game early, during the research and strategy phase. Marketers can take what they know about their target audience and whip up AI simulations that interact just like real people. You can quiz these simulations on anything, anytime, paving the way for hyper-personalized experiences and multi-channel strategies. This not only maximizes our existing tech investments but also speeds up the whole content planning process.

Now for the not-so-great part: There’s a downside to AI’s rise, and it’s a big one—trust. As AI gets twisted by bad actors, especially during elections, it’s going to chip away at the credibility we normally put in content. Trust will increasingly be the most valuable commodity for marketers to earn and keep.

Radical Authenticity Will Cut Through

We anticipate human creators will be even more valuable, as we all start craving something real amid a sea of cookie-cutter AI stuff. People are going to want the good stuff—the sort of content that only humans can cook up, the kind that feels like it’s coming from a friend, not a machine. As we all get wise to AI’s samey-same output, we’ll start to yearn for the unique flavor that only human touch can bring.

And what’s the secret ingredient for compelling content? Live-look videos with sincere conversations. Interactive options like quizzes and polls. If content creators want to hit their targets, they’ll need to serve up the kind of engaging, dynamic content that really speaks to their audience.

Now, is the time to be radically transparent. No faking it, no sugar-coating. If the going gets tough, it’s better to be upfront about it. People dig that kind of honesty—it’s like a breath of fresh air. We’re talking about content that’s got heart, stories that resonate on a personal level, and voices that are unmistakably human. With AI-generated content flooding the market, that personal, chatty kind of content is going to be like gold dust. It’s what people will lean towards as they look for realness and leadership in thought.

Being Real has Never Been More Important.

Whenever we craft something that reminds others they have company in their struggles, that they are not alone – it’s truly special. It forges connections and builds trust like nothing else.

At RI we call this “Mirror Branding” which allows your target audience to see your brand as a reflection of themselves. Sharing our trials and tribulations with a dose of humor and a touch of humility is powerful. It’s not about deep philosophies or capabilities; it’s about the real talk on overcoming everyday challenges and celebrating what matters, whether it’s a genuine observation or highlighting a customer’s journey through tough times. These stories of triumph resonate deeply because they offer us a beacon of hope, and remind us all what is truly important.