All the World Wide Web’s a Stage, And All the Devices Merely Players

Real Integrated’s Digital Team recently opened the curtain on a visually stunning and fully responsive website for Michigan Opera Theatre.

As the premiere destination to experience opera and dance in Michigan, the branding for Michigan Opera Theatre is bold, engaging, dramatic, and timeless. Tasked with designing a fully responsive website cohesive with Michigan Opera Theatre’s brand identity, Brandon Moner, UI/UX Designer at Real Integrated, was inspired by the blood red velvet curtain, ornate architecture of the Detroit Opera House, and the passion and seduction of opera.

One Stage, One Responsive Website

In addition to attracting opera enthusiasts to the stage, it was critical for Michigan Opera Theatre’s website to be in front of their audience. From the moment users navigate to the homepage, on any mobile device, they see compelling images and experience simple navigation paths to find opera and dance information and purchase tickets.


When asked about his approach Moner commented, “My design approach is to uncover the core message, allowing the user to focus on the ‘why.’ Text is kept to a clean minimum, visuals are pushed to the forefront, and every user, no matter the device, experiences the same show so to speak.”

The scope of the site goes far beyond driving ticket sales. Sections of the website appeal to everyone – from first time opera goers to the artists auditioning for a role on stage. Moner added, “We included pages about what to wear, where to eat or grab a drink before or after a show, audition and chorus information, and detailed information for event planning. No detail was overlooked.”

Without stealing the spotlight from the Detroit Opera House main stage the website’s design is daring, the user experience is engaging, and most importantly it’s fully responsive.