Casino Marketing for a Hot Streak

As an advertising agency, casino marketing gives us a thrill. We go beyond traditional marketing to engage players, drive loyalty, and promote an entertainment packed experience.

Folding isn’t an option for Real Integrated. We approach casino marketing and advertising differently, drawing upon our unique experiences and ability to go beyond traditional casino marketing tactics.

As a casino your mission is to drive players to the floor. The lights, noises, and outburst of thrill are what make casino floors exhilarating. We push the experience further and create marketing strategies that increase gaming revenue, but also fill restaurant tables, ensure hotel rooms aren’t left vacant, spa appointments are booked, and concert tickets are sold out. We position your casino as the total package and a hub of entertainment!

How are we more effective as an agency? We rely on your gaming expertise to help enhance ours. We listen closely, bring bigger ideas to the table, and always ask, “what’s next?” Our real results start with a a spark, a connection, and soon we’ll help you hit the jackpot!

We’re the real deal for casino marketing

[one_half]Real Integrated’s digital team recently launched a responsive website for Desert Diamond Casinos – a multi location casino and hub of entertainment in Arizona. The new website is visually appealing, allows Rewards Members to sign in and view exclusive offers, and is fully responsive across all devices.[/one_half][one_half_last]casino-marketing-responsive-design-desert-diamond-casinos[/one_half_last]