HTML5: A New “Vehicle” for GDLS

When the world-wide defense community gathers to discuss the latest in industry products and services, General Dynamics Land Systems approaches us to provide a state-of-the-art digital presentation.

How do we do it? By staying ahead of the digital curve.

Everything they need to know, right at their fingertips.

Since 2010, the Real Integrated Digital Team has provided the design and coding expertise to power the interactive touch-screen displays that GDLS uses at the AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition. These kiosks give presenters the ability to easily tailor information and services to the consumer’s needs. They also provide an intuitive interface so the presenter can step away and allow the show attendees to interface with the presentation in a way that caters to their specific interests. Each year, we integrate new content and overhaul the design to match the theme of the conference.

But, this year we didn’t stop there. Our digital team lead the initiative to provide an even better user-interface experience:

We said “Bye, bye” to Adobe Flash.

Previous incarnations of the kiosk software utilized a Flash framework. Flash has shown to be outdated, vulnerable, and largely unsupportive of many developer interfaces. The new experience is built entirely in HTML5, allowing the team to develop stronger features, faster information exchanges, and better user experiences!

Additional changes to this year’s GDLS interactive display include a creative refresh involving new menus, visually-appealing backgrounds, skins, and page templates.

Get a peak at the 2015 General Dynamic Land Service AUSA Interactive below.

GLDS responsive database design html5

GDLS HTML5 interfaceHTML5: The New Savior of the GDLS Database