Leveraging Social Media to Promote Brand Engagement: Soaring Eagle Reaches Out at Arts, Beats & Eats

Encouraging a positive relationship between a brand and their community is a vital aspect of any marketing strategy. One excellent way for a company to increase their brand engagement is by sponsoring local events. Our client, Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort, is not new to sponsoring Arts, Beats & Eats, but this year they wanted to do something more.

Taking Social Media to the Next Level

soaring eagle selfie spot arts, beats & eats

Selfie spot stickers, like this one, could be found in high traffic areas from the Soaring Eagle food truck to the rock stage.

In order to increase Soaring Eagle’s presence at the event and encourage festival-goers to interact with them, Real Integrated organized the ABE Hunt 2016. This scavenger hunt encouraged people to take selfies in various locations around Arts, Beats & Eats and submit their entries to our client’s Facebook for a chance to win the Ultimate Soaring Eagle Escape. Complete with a custom hashtag–#ABEHunt16–our giveaway utilized various social media platforms in an effort to maximize our client’s brand exposure and promote brand engagement.

What We Accomplished

Our creative team designed exciting, brightly colored “Selfie Spots” that caught people’s eye as they explored Arts, Beats & Eats. Reflecting the fun, light-hearted tone of the festival, these graphics enticed festival-goers to interact with our giveaway without sacrificing the clarity of the giveaway information, increasing the average festival-goers interaction with our client’s brand and further connecting them via social media.

In addition, we created a Snapchat geofilter for Arts, Beats & Eats that further promoted Soaring Eagle as a sponsor of the festival. Contest participants were encouraged to use the geofilter in order to receive a bonus entry into our giveaway, but it also acted as a universal filter for the three-day festival in itself. During the duration of Arts, Beats & Eats, our Soaring Eagle geofilter received nearly 400,000 total views.

From Twitter to Instagram, we pushed our client’s giveaway through each of their social media channels in order to promote their brand in real-time. Daily posts were curated to inform current social followers of Soaring Eagle’s involvement with the festival, while leveraging interaction from first-time visitors. Boosted posts were geotargeted to augment potential consumer interest toward Soaring Eagle and/or their giveaway.

In all, we were able to maximize the number of new consumers being exposed to the Soaring Eagle’s brand at the festival by combining real world interaction with social media. By increasing the chances of continued consumer brand engagement through the use of social media, we made it possible for Soaring Eagle to continue benefiting from their involvement with Arts, Beats & Eats even after the festival has ended.