Business Challenge.

the D Las Vegas and the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino are two properties on either end of Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas. Both of these properties shared the same ownership and have been an essential part of the resurgence of the Downtown Vegas experience. While these properties were connected, they had separate players cards that made it more difficult for cross-promotional opportunities. Additionally, Fremont Street attracts a transient crowd, and it’s difficult to get casino hopping gamers to see value in our card.

Brand Essence.

Maximize Your Vegas Adventure.


The agency developed “the One — Your Experience Card.” And positioned it as the essential pass for Free Play, discounts and more. The casinos developed additional partnerships with restaurants and attractions on Fremont Street which provided additional value and benefits. The theme line, “The One Card You Need in Vegas,” was utilized in promotional executions up and down Fremont Street and at the D Las Vegas’ properties


The campaign drove an increase of 18% in rated play and an increase of 7% in overall promotion participation.