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We started working with The Henry Ford in 1999, when it was still three loosely connected attractions—Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village, and IMAX Theatre—and they were in the process of opening a fourth, The Ford Rouge Factory Tour. Over the years it had been taken for granted by locals and associated with memories of 5th grade field trips. The institution was in the process of rediscovering it’s purpose by looking at it’s own history. Looking back they recalled that Henry Ford developed the campus to showcase ingenuity, progress, and innovation so that others may be inspired and move forward.

The Henry Ford is unlike any other cultural institution in the world. We implemented an integrated communications plan that set ourselves apart as the storytellers of innovation in America—the only place where people can get up close and experience the events, places, and things that made our nation an engine of progress for the world.

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In partnership with The Henry Ford we developed breakthrough award-winning campaigns that unified the brand, drove visitation, transformed fundraising, and made The Henry Ford a model for museum experiences across the country. Our client also worked with Litton Entertainment to create The Henry Ford’s: Innovation Nation—an Emmy Award-winning TV show airing on CBS that connects the stories of innovation at The Henry Ford to present day triumphs of science and technology by showing ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things.

Performance Metrics (Per Year)
Over 1.7 million on-site visitors (all-time high)
Over 59 million views of The Henry Ford’s: Innovation Nation
Over 42,000 members
Over $4.9 million in revenue