HealthPlus’ website,, is used not only for consumers looking to buy insurance, but also for Agents, Employers and Providers who do business with HealthPlus on a daily basis, and for Members who currently have HealthPlus insurance.

HealthPlus of Michigan needed to scrape and rebuild their entire website because it was out of date and out of compliance, so they turned to the experts at Real Integrated. The challenge we faced was juggling the complex needs of multiple stake-holders and multiple audiences while complying with the new regulatory issues resulting from the Affordable Care Act. The result is an award-winning, in-compliance website that provides a much easier-to-navigate and effective user experience.

We collaborated seamlessly with the HealthPlus team to create a responsive site design that immediately generated a significant increase in traffic and user engagement. From complex backend systems to compliance and regulatory requirements, we translated our industry knowledge into a website that meets the needs of all its audiences – healthcare insurance seekers, members, providers, employers, and agents.

The new site incorporates a new structure utilizing more functional tools, including a text resizer, Find a Plan and Find an Answer widgets, an improved Provider Search tool, and digital contact forms. Our new design was also built to be responsive, so that the website experience is optimized for viewing on PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

  • HealthPlus Videos

    As website user’s expectations evolve, it is critical to stay ahead of the curve. For HealthPlus, that means developing engaging videos to communicate complex messages in a simple and compelling manner. Real Integrated uses in-house development and editing resources to quickly and cost-effectively generate videos like the HealthPlus Partners series – a number of videos informing people about the features and benefits of accessing the state’s Healthy Michigan insurance option via HealthPlus.
    As Google continues to index video content, it is critical to incorporate videos into an overall SEO and SEM strategy. At Real Integrated, we are focused on developing compelling content that not only informs, but also generates engagement via relevant storytelling. For HealthPlus, we accomplished both for their Healthy Michigan series of videos. And with our in-house capabilities, we did it quickly, efficiently, and most importantly effectively. HealthPlus’ Healthy Michigan enrollment exceeds their goals, and the video series is a critical element of that success.

  • Social Media

    Critical to HealthPlus of Michigan’s success is keeping their members healthy. One way they accomplish this is by encouraging participation in healthy activities such as community races. As a sponsor of the HealthPlus Crim and Brooksie Way races, HealthPlus wants to generate as much community awareness as possible, but with a limited dedicated budget available, they need to find the most effective and efficient communication channels.
    That’s where social media comes in.
    Among the almost unlimited options, Real Integrated chose to build a ground-up social media contest called Challenge U that encouraged people to upload healthy lifestyle photos to the HealthPlus Facebook page for a chance to work out with Pete Thomas, the “Biggest Loser”-winning trainer. The contest accomplished multiple wins – including making the races huge successes with goal-exceeding participation, and dramatic increases in social media presence. With over half a million impressions, the Challenge U campaign increased HealthPlus’ Facebook audience by 227%. Clearly a huge win for HealthPlus via a budget-friendly program.

  • Digital Campaigns

    HealthPlus of Michigan, a large, successful healthcare insurance provider, is outspent by competitors that have comparatively huge marketing budgets. In order to help them compete, we maximize the impact of every dollar especially through the use of integrated digital media programs. In HealthPlus’ case, whether it’s targeted banner ad programs including mobile, Pandora media campaigns, or hyper-optimized AdWords campaigns, we focus on integrated, complementary creative messages.
    All this combines to generate awareness, encourage a specific call-to-action (clicks), and positively impact SEO. Critical to the success of any digital campaign is measurement. We utilize multiple analytic tools to determine effectiveness and adjust accordingly.