Olga’s Kitchen

Olga's Kitchen

Real Integrated provides Olga’s with a variety of marketing services. As a local brand, Olga’s retail business is the primary focus. Real Integrated provides strategic plans in areas of brand building, promotions and lead generation. In order to fulfill these strategies, RI is tasked with daily tactics to provide creative direction, print collateral, digital and social media support.

In recent months RI was tasked with delivering a relevant strategy that would increase mid-week traffic in local restaurants. RI developed a strategy that would leverage and support the brand’s history and nostalgia. Taking into consideration pop culture trends, RI developed the Olga’s Throwback Thursday’s campaign. This campaign provided Olga’s an opportunity to grow in the social and digital realm and as well as promoting throwback prices that drove mid-week sales to increase nearly 100%.

  • Social Media

    Real Integrated created a social media posts and images that expanded Olga’s social media reach.

  • Digital – Web

    RI created webpage graphics to keep the campaign top of mind.

  • Digital – Email

    Weekly e-blasts were created by RI to promote each week’s featured items and pricing.