Social Trend Spotlight: Video Content Marketing for Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort

Scroll down your Facebook feed and you may stumble across a video demonstrating how to make delicious Seven-Layer Dip Cups.

This top-down video, produced by BuzzFeed’s Tasty, is less than one minute long and has over 16 million views – in just two days. Head over to Tasty’s YouTube channel and count yourself among the two million other people who learned how to make Spaghetti 4 Ways. These simple but fun videos have revolutionized the concept of video content marketing; making it no longer a convoluted or strategic process to produce viral video content audiences will love … and share!

Make it quick. Make it watchable. Make it fun.

While there was no denying video content marketing as a strategy works, we now see it in action. According to HubSpot76.5% of marketers and small business owners have seen a direct impact on their businesses due to video content marketing. Why is that? Well, it’s been found that 4X as many consumers prefer video content to text content. In fact, 74% of internet traffic is projected to come from video in 2017.

To take advantage of this, our social media department went to work on producing a unique top-down video for our client, Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort. If Tasty can corner the market on quirky food tutorials, we could establish our client as leading expert in casino fun! Our mission: present the Players Club card as the ultimate key to experiencing Soaring Eagle – in an entertaining and different way.

Titled, “Recipe for Fun,” this video highlights the exclusive rewards Players Club members receive when they sign up. Each zany, stop-motion scene features different perks and experiences crafted into the Players Club program. Elements include: a winning hand, a dash of glitz and glam, VIP status, poker chips, etc.

Our video launched on Soaring Eagle’s Facebook and Instagram back in 2016, where it has since gathered over 8,000 impressions. Check it out below!