Business Challenge.

With a new property boasting luxurious amenities, Desert Diamond Casinos still suffered from a loss in market share and confidence. The solution? Our Brand Ambition Mapping uncovered genuine messaging that highlighted the real strengths of their experience, and made a relevant connection bringing their audience back home.

Brand Essence.

Your New Best Friend.


Digging into research and utilizing Brand Ambition Mapping with key stakeholders, RI uncovered that Dessert Diamonds’ fun/friendly vibe was cited as a prime reason for visits from loyal gamers. This insight led to an immersive “Best Friend” positioning of the property that impacted every guest touchpoint from the hotel and dining experiences, to the gaming floor, and in their marketing. The most critical of which was a relaunch of the Players Club, positioning the card as “Your New Best Friend” – a card that knows you, providing you with the personal perks and benefits that only a best friend could.


We saw a 30% increase in positive brand perception and a 75% increase in rated play.