When Real Integrated began working with Desert Diamond Casinos & Entertainment in 2013, we were tasked with building a stronger brand position for Desert Diamond in the Tucson market. Casino Del Sol had emerged as a competitive threat with a new property boasting new luxurious amenities.

From the outset it was clear that the Desert Diamond Casinos brand suffered from a confidence problem. Our first-priority was to raise awareness of everything wonderful that our properties had to offer. Our initial re-introduction campaign centered around gaining awareness for our amenities. This was essential to establish a strong foundation where we could build differentiating brand characteristics.

RI identified a few key brand attributes that we could use to differentiate Desert Diamond Casinos and establish as cornerstones of the Desert Diamond brand. Those characteristics centered around the concepts of: FUN—Desert Diamond is a winning experience. Where a good time is a sure thing. FRIENDLY—Visiting Desert Diamond is like hanging out with your best friend. You are always greeted with a smile. GENUINE—Desert Diamond is authentic, we want every guest to be comfortable and have a great time. We began teasing our ultimate brand position with the launch of a players card campaign designed to increase club participation. We personified the card and presented it as “Your New Best Friend.”

This “Best Friend” positioning was then brought into our communications as the foundation of how we are viewed in the market. Subsequent research has shown that we are now known for our fun/friendly vibe and this is often cited as a prime reason for visits from loyal gamers. This improved brand perception and provided more opportunity for frequent communications on promotions, offers and ways to win—gamers were more receptive when these communications were coming from their new best friend.

By providing more ways to win, our gamers’ overall experience not only increased gaming revenues, it also increased rated play to 75%. This was initially due to a new card system coming out and was a 50% increase from the prior year.