Business Challenge.

Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort owned 73% of Michigan gaming market in the mid 90’s. With increasing competition, they were losing confidence in their market share. In an effort to diversify the resort’s revenue streams, the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe had expanded its footprint — opening a second casino, water park, golf course, marina, campgrounds and more.

Brand Essence.

Experience More.


RI developed a campaign that leveraged the amenities at all of the Soaring Eagle Properties. We positioned this collective as a destination experience that no one else in the state could offer — a complete entertainment destination; it should be the choice for gamers, non-gamers, golfers, grandparents, concert lovers, etc. We created a loyalty program component to add to the campaign, naming a new card system that would add value across every property. The Access Card was the key to accessing all that Soaring Eagle Properties has to offer.


The overall database of cardholders grew by more than 20%, providing segment-based preferences for future marketing in entertainment, group sales, and special event sales at Soaring Eagle.