Business Challenge.

Sex is a touchy subject. Communicating to teens and young adults is challenging. There is a prevailing thinking among young people that those that could help or provide guidance are out of touch. The Genesee County Health Department (GCHD) joined forces with local Genesee County community agencies and non-profits to raise awareness about the resources and services available throughout the community. GCHD encouraged young people to take advantage of confidential Family Planning & Sexual Health services to teens and young adults living in and around Genesee County.

Brand Essence.

Sex: We Get It


Real Integrated was enlisted to create a campaign for the Genesee County Health Department that caught the attention of teens and young adults. Dopplebanger, Postboned, and Sascrotch are all slang terms used in this campaign. Each term is a sexual reference utilized in a unique way to connect with teens and young adults about sex. These references communicate Genesee County Health Department gets it and that they are a valuable resource for sexually active residents in and around Genesee County.


Since the launch of this campaign, GCHD has increased awareness of Family Planning & Sexual Health services. The campaign video received 86,983 views and the work was featured by The National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) on their website.

Additionally, the campaign was given a “Best of Show” designation from the Healthcare AD Awards!