Business Challenge.

Rehmann had a sleepy brand image that was mostly associated with their accounting services. They wanted people to understand they had diverse offerings but more importantly they wanted to energize their company culture and give their associates a sense of purpose.

Brand Essence.

Empower Your Purpose


After a set of rigorous brand mapping sessions and research we determined that Rehmann was uniquely invested in their client’s success. They took the position that they supported their clients dreams and that was their ultimate mission. As described in their company narrative we developed: We are the momentum behind what’s possible. We focus on the business of business – allowing you to focus on what makes you extraordinary. We bring assurance to match your passion and energize your purpose. Ultra-dynamic yet focused. Charging at goals for companies and individuals that are shaping our world and building our communities every day.


The new brand position has permeated every aspect of Rehmann. Besides providing a unified look and voice – the new brand essence helps guide decisions from the products they offer, the talent they hire, their marketing and organization culture.