Business Challenge.

General Dynamics Land Systems was faced with multiple challenges. They had strong brand recognition yet their identity lacked components of innovation and relevancy. At the same time the US government was in a cost-cutting mode and wanted to halt production of the Abrams battle tank – a crucial program for GD Land Systems. This decision would greatly impact the company’s profitability and cost hundreds of hard-working Americans their jobs.

Brand Essence.

Strength on Your Side.


Real Integrated had to change overall brand perception and the commentary around the Abrams program. We started by elevating the General Dynamics brand, enhancing their web presence and demonstrating the strength of their programs and commitment to innovation. At the same time we developed the Support Abrams campaign: a series of first-person videos that were placed on a microsite at We also ran a targeted digital and traditional media campaign – driving traffic to the microsite to learn more.

We told the real story of the Abrams battle tank: the Americans that build it, how significant their jobs are as a vital skilled military infrastructure workforce.


Through our ongoing integrated marketing efforts we increased the awareness of GDLS programs and positioned them as a leader in military innovation. Within weeks of launching the Support Abrams campaign, the editorial surrounding the Abrams program began to change. Key congressional leaders began to support the Abrams program, and it was ultimately saved. The Abrams main battle tank remains in production today, protecting the men and women who courageously fight for our freedom.